Summer Smoothies & Juice: Tasty Recipes

Because I like to be fancy with a tall glass and a nice blender, here are some recipes you should consider for the upcoming breezy porch days ahead:

Pomegranate & Apple Juice – I perfected this using a whole pomegranate and getting all the pods out while watching Master Chef. If this isn’t an ideal activity for you, there are pomegranate seeds that can be purchased on their own. After cutting up your apple of choice (I prefer honey crisp or Granny Smith apples) and any juicer, you’re good to go! Serve chilled with a slice of lemon or orange. For added ‘extra’ taste and even more benefits, throw in a few blueberries. 

Apple, Carrots & Berries (Oh My!) – Thrown in some cut apples, strawberries and raspberries and some carrots for good measure. This can either be a juice (no ice) or a smoothie (some dairy or dairy-free product). Either way it’s refreshing and good. 

Apple, Ginger, Carrot & Mint Juice – My mother used to wake me up with this around 9AM. Something about getting the nutrients better and more energy. It was annoying because I wasn’t actually awake yet…but it did taste good. Use at least two apples, a small bit of ginger, and a whole carrot and a few leaves for at least two servings. 

Banana Mint Smoothie – Some people don’t care for mint, but it’s healthy for you. And during the hot days, you’ll need that little ‘kick’ that makes you feel good in the soul. Mint could be that foot. Cut up some bananas (I actually detest this fruit but I like it mashed and pureed…) and add a few fresh leaves of mint. If you’re blessed with a green thumb, you can use the mint variety such as chocolate, or orange mint. 

This smells like chocolate I swear. By Downtowngal on wikimedia commons.


Happy Nomming!


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