Restriction Post Ahead: Other Things I’ve Let Go

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Since I became a meatless eater, there are a few other items I chose to take out of my diet due to reasons I thought would enhance my overall health.

Sugar – White granulated specifically. I decided to get rid of this when I noticed how the taste of my morning teas were beginning to be too much, as was the later energy crash after consuming it. It wasn’t helping my skin issues either. After cutting down my sugar packets from three to two, and ultimately none, I felt better and my teas tasted more authentic. Replacement sweeteners are honey, brown sugar, and blue agave nectar.

This stuff is really sweet, which means less in your cup. By Mike Mozart on Flickr
This stuff is really sweet, which means less in your cup. By Mike Mozart on Flickr











Dairy – I mentioned my struggle with hormonal/adult acne in a previous postWith motherly advice, the dermatologist and reading various sources, lessening the amount of dairy I ate or drank was important if I wanted some kind of relief from my break outs…and upset tummy. Yes! I do believe the older I’ve gotten, I’ve gotten a slight lactose intolerance. Since there are other options such as lactose-free milk like Lactaid or even dairy-free yogurt (no personal judgement on its taste yet…), I’ve still been able to enjoy my morning or evening bowls of cereal. Other alternatives such as rice, and almond milk (no additives!) are tasty. Almond milk is also a good and accessible options if you have a lot of almonds and are bored. 

Gelatin – I cut this out because I felt that I’d be cheating if I said I didn’t eat meat, but still turned around and ate S’mores or cornbread…Yes cornbread! Imagine my shock when I saw this:

It made me stop in the middle of the aisle in shock…What WAS in cornbread anyway? Gross!

Overall, this is a personal choice and certainly not indicative of everyone that may choose to go meatless but there are now plenty of options for your taste-buds. Vegan marshmallows, gelatin-free Skittles. Vegetable broth…No word on gelatin-free Starbursts.


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