A landing page for undergraduate & post-graduate portfolio work


Primarily for academic purposes/building legal skill/understanding (UDPCS) 

Contract Project, Legal Memo, Civil Summons/Complaint: [Pending], Case Brief I , Legal Opening Statement

Primarily for creative, academic outlets or student body (Vox, The Etownian,)

Posts: News Article 1, Feature Article 1Creative Writing 1Social Media Copy

Primarily for a LA-based digital magazine/website (Cliche Magazine)

Upcoming Artist Magazine Feature  – Country 

Upcoming Artist Magazine Feature – Pop

Upcoming Artist Magazine Feature – R&B

“The State of Music: Physical to Digital” (Opinion) 

Artists to Know: Twin Peaks Edition (2017) 

“5 Independent Artists to Watch” (2017 – Opinion)


Primarily as a DJ for WWEC
NYC Update, Radio Newscast, DJ “Reel” (Homecoming On-Air)


Primarily for various classes or group TV segments (ex. JayTalk, EC TV40)
Posts: Sleepyhead in Etown, Chemistry Dept. Promotional Video, Mad Cow 2SOT, Into the Streets PKG