Healthy Habits for the Average Human

Oh yeah, about this blog…

You’ve reached this blog because you’re a human being difficult yet again. You’ve decided to go against the grain and consume less chicken, beef, corn dogs etc. You desperately want trips to the carnival or the beach resorts harder for yourself, stepping into a world unfriendly and unforgiving on the average pocket pescetarians (like myself!) or vegetarians. 

These tips emerged from familial advice, my personal experiences along the way including a few trips to the doctor about individual and general health needs. These aren’t the words of a nutritionist, and I’m not a doctor or a motivational speaker. At the time I was a humble (sort of), soon to be college graduate, that decided the best time to interfere with her diet, was when she chose to live in a college dorm more than 50 miles away from home.

You don’t have to be completely meatless, but willing to be healthy and consider new ways to do so! No shaming omnivores here! 

If you aren’t a sensitive reader and have a bit of a sarcastic personality, read for as long as this is available to you. I’d appreciate it as long as no one gets deathly ill.

Happy Nomming!