Ragina Lashley (1)

She has only lived on Earth a short while, but  Ragina Lashley lives through other things…like words.

May it be through the lens of a camera, a news article, the song in a video production, or even a radio newscast, Ragina Lashley will put her skills to the test.

When it comes to what is going on in any form, Ragina observes, absorbs and is eager to update.

Ragina participated in quite a few clubs and organizations on campus, such as: serving as a student representative on the MLK Jr. Committee that plans the College’s MLK week-long celebration at the College, a student ambassador for the Diversity Team for College Admissions, and the Momentum Society and program. She also served as a board member and DJ for the College radio station, WWEC 88.3 FM, and serving as a music writer for a digital magazine.

She dips her toes in the Internet world by listening to new artists, liking YouTube videos, and sharing millennial thoughts on Twitter. Her long-time passion involves writing creative short pieces, and poetry. She also blogs off and on, about her journey adhering to a meatless, but healthy diet, until she lives near her own farm one day. 

A communications and professional writing graduate from Elizabethtown College, she hopes to take her skills in other directions, such as deciding to become a paralegal. And maybe even one day, take her skills abroad. Always attempting to show those that information, and even a little humor, is always out there somewhere.