Student Senate Provides Start-Up Funds: 2013 Senate Funding Policy Active at Etown

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At Elizabethtown College, there are many different student organizations that come and go. A common reason clubs go in and out of season, is lack of funding for a club to participate in campus activities, that could increase potential membership. Executive Treasurer for the 2014 to 2015 school year, Madeline Magill, is interviewed about the new plan.

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The Finance Committee brings what is discussed during their meetings, to the regular Student Senate meetings on Thursdays. The final decision process typically takes around ten to fifteen minutes, or even an hour. Budget requests increase during the spring semester, while fall semester sees a rise in start-up money and conference budgeting. Magill also serves as a student supervisor for ResLife, a peer mentor, and sits on the Strategic Planning Committee for the College.

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