A Descriptive Narrative on a Small College Campus –

The start of my first semester as a first-year at Elizabethtown College, the date is August 30, 2012…


The final statement is read aloud. Backpacks shuffle with freshly received handouts, and  itching feet scurry through the door. Down a flight of stairs, my feet lead me from the Steinman building and into the emerging sunlight. It disorients me for a few seconds, but I make my way towards the marble benches near the Commons. The benches are a bit warm, but the shade and quiet are inviting. I think I’ll start here.

As I sit, I notice the pine trees, still forest-green, a slight fragrance that is overshadowed by my body spritz and sunscreen. The green bug that crawls on the ground is a new sight and enemy. I scoot closer towards the other side closer to the black Hogwarts-like clock. A girl walks by me. I think she’s a runner. Either that or her shorts are abnormally unnecessary for my level of clothing security. The sun seems to hide behind the clouds for a bit and I notice a bit more people begin to emerge from their classes. A guy with really blonde hair and a maroon shirt shuffles by, in a pair of  mismatched flip-flops nearly tramples over a girl engrossed in her conversation about this upcoming Labor weekend. I feel weird eavesdropping but continue to watch for more strangers.

A girl, with a highlighter orange shirt, sits at one of the black metal tables reading a red, and very thick textbook. I shudder not from the sudden breeze that picks up, but from the very thought. College. I sit for a bit more and notice a few acquaintances pass by my little grove, inquiring as to why I sit here. Alone. One wears her dining service shirt; navy and unspoiled. Another wears a pair of flared jeans and hoop earrings. However both wear a smile and wrinkled eyes from the revealing sun. I tell them a bit about my assignment for a writing class. They don’t understand, and after a bit more of catching up and how-do-you-dos, they wish me luck and head off to their respective locations: a desk or a dish room.

The cicadas make their incessant buzzing that is jarring yet strangely calming. Just so long as I don’t see any near me, I continue to relax and take notes. My brown sandals stick out against the white stone, and a beetle high fives my big toe. I flick it away in annoyance – paying more attention to the herd of students that just appeared out of thin air. Talks of finding a seat at the Marketplace, a training session or a friend’s current dating dilemma remind me of my own. Not dating. Just of an appointment that I have with a peer counselor of mine. As I check my phone, it feels light, as it always does. The air does as well. No garbage odors, an absence of humidity and manure, and sadly chocolate.

It is however a beautiful afternoon; few clouds are in the sky. I walk slowly for a bit from the grove, smelling the pine again as I nearly bump into a girl with her headphones in her ears. I feel like I’ve just came from a trip in the woods rather than a sit on a somewhat secluded bench. However, my notes are taken, an appointment must be made, and a narrative I must write later this evening.


By Ragina Lashley

Student Senate Provides Start-Up Funds: 2013 Senate Funding Policy Active at Etown

An example of a VSOT for citizen journalism site, WeTown

WeTown is citizen journalism website created by faculty members at Elizabethtown College, for the purpose of news about the College and near-by areas.

At Elizabethtown College, there are many different student organizations that come and go. A common reason clubs go in and out of season, is lack of funding for a club to participate in campus activities, that could increase potential membership. Executive Treasurer for the 2014 to 2015 school year, Madeline Magill, is interviewed about the new plan.

(cue interview)

The Finance Committee brings what is discussed during their meetings, to the regular Student Senate meetings on Thursdays. The final decision process typically takes around ten to fifteen minutes, or even an hour. Budget requests increase during the spring semester, while fall semester sees a rise in start-up money and conference budgeting. Magill also serves as a student supervisor for ResLife, a peer mentor, and sits on the Strategic Planning Committee for the College.

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WWEC Show Recordings

Take a listen at my show! My format is to be conversational and creative in terms of the type of things I choose to talk about, as well as the music I play (a little of everything, “old and new to relax your afternoon!”)

Homecoming 2015 & WWEC – This sample shows the ability to navigate radio board controls, mic levels & banter. 


My “Reel” – A collection of on-air PSAs, Outros & Station IDs during my show. This sample showcases an awareness of being engaging, professional and my dry personality as a host.

A “Mad” Evening with Improv – WeTown Post

WeTown is citizen journalism website created by faculty members at Elizabethtown College, for the purpose of news about the College and near-by areas.

The following sample, showcases elements of TV video production in the form of a ‘2-SOT’ (Sound over tape), and feature news writing/reporting.



Mad Cow Show with Sane Senior Reflection

With stress in various forms piling around desks, students look to various forms of entertainment. One of those sources are Elizabethtown College’s own student improv group, Mad Cow. The troupe advertises and performs on various weekends during the school year. Comments on the group’s goal and a fellow Cow’s thoughts, were provided by Brett Williams, a Business Administration student and senior.


Also watch Here: Mad Cow 2014

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Post-Homecoming – WeTown Post

WeTown is citizen journalism website created by faculty members at Elizabethtown College, for the purpose of news about the College and near-by areas.

This sample showcases news writing, reporting, an attention for narrative and communicating campus involvement.

Post-Homecoming Help: Into the Streets


Elizabethtown College carries on a fall tradition and campus involvement with the surrounding community. The Office of Civic Engagement prepares itself for “Hopping Into the Streets 2014,” a way of volunteering on a larger level. The student coordinators hosted a rally to promote the program this past weekend. Saturday, October 25th is when the Office will host many organizations and citizens who signed up for extra hands. Volunteer work may vary from raking to seasonal home preparation.

Watch here:“Hopping Into the Streets 2014″ @ Etown

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