Flash Fiction Narrative: “A Day for Me”

By Ragina Lashley

Inspired by “Bang Bang Bang” from The Sohodolls


I didn’t think the muscle spasms could last that long. What does it matter, as I have no one waiting for me after this one. The morning sun caresses the side of face. His eyes still twinkle with shock and fear. Something I had to deal with every day when granted another morning. The shock arrives after the experiences are done, and the men finished. I am slightly bruised, but still alive.

The news anchor speaks monotonously as the dead silence permeates the air. A vast difference from the screams of the early morning…

He is yesterday’s catch; a cinnamon musk, with hairy legs, a bald spot, and a beer gut. Smoked Cuban cigars for the taste, and paid for women out of complete boredom. What he failed to understand was that as of yesterday, I had had enough. He was a regular, you could say, but also a complete pain in the ass. No care for anyone but himself. His business just last year was on the brink of bankruptcy because half of the income was going towards his indulgences. Or so he told me.

I don’t believe in a God, but maybe He would understand this sin.

I have my vices, but they only consist of neon colors and glitter dust. Even in its artificialness, it still manages to evoke a genuine smile whenever I smoothed it over my eyes. Today I smooth it on for me.

Today, I do for myself; I smile only for me.