Trying to be Fit & Lazy: Tips for working out when you don’t feel like it

When I was a first year, I was really excited about getting to be so close to a gym and actually using it. Then I started using it. I quit my fitness perspective about four weeks after being on campus due to worrying about germs and eyes during my workout. During my sophomore year, my roommate and I experimented with evening jogging. This was okay so long as the weather wasn’t too cold.

Who wants to jog in this? Not I. By Victorgrigas on English Wikipedia
Who wants to jog in this? Not I. By Victorgrigas on English Wikipedia

By junior and senior year I made no effort to work out as much as I used to. So many excuses among us both; we were too cold, too tired or the gym was too crowded.
Overall, being active shouldn’t be because you want to look great for the summer thus attracting a fling of some sort, but because you want to live longer and feel great on the inside!
My roommate and subsequent added figured out a plan – we’d carry on activities that didn’t make it seem like we were doing too much strenuous activity.
One of them was holding a Zumba session two times out of the week for at least thirty minutes. It was an activity that worked into our schedules and actually made it feel like we weren’t doing anything too intense. I also love dancing so with a great beat and enthusiastic participants this was a great start for us.

As the weather grew warmer, we grew interested in using the newly installed track field, as well as walking around our campus after dinner. Our appetites caused dinner to be around 3:30pm, leaving enough sunlight to walk around in peace. 

In my room, I’d stretch after getting dressed walking up and down the stairs for at least twenty minutes even though we chose the first floor to avoid this.

Overall, the access one has to college workout equipment and spacious lawns is something to take advantage of amidst busy schedules. Although I find it easier to use trails and a sturdy bike to get my solitary fix of fitness when I’m off-campus.