Social Media Copy

A documentation and samples of social media copy curated for Hippocampus Magazine, an online nonfiction publication based in Harrisburg, PA

Assignment – Tease an author’s interview or article with an interesting quote, and summarize their feature for a Facebook Post. 


Kate Walter

Teaser quote:

I think being different, being gay (even before I came out to myself), saved me and propelled me forward. Now I need to find the container for that storyline and a thread to stitch my past to the present.

Interview: Kate Walter, author of Looking for a Kiss

Written Overview:
How a writer’s experiences in the dating world, is so familiar to even the perfect stranger. Kate Walter shares her thoughts on her memoir and where her story will lead next.

Sharon Kurtzman
Teaser quote:
At the table, I dunked and munched but soon froze when I spotted one of the washed wine glasses shattered on the floor beside the garbage pail.
No one had been in the kitchen but me.

The Writing Life: The Ghost Reader by Sharon Kurtzman, Guest Columnist

Written overview:
Guest columnist Sharon Kurtzman, humorously crafts an anxious, and invisible reader craving more during a writer’s spooky residency.


Tom Farr
Teaser quote:
Storytelling is an evolutionary process. So write your first draft, but don’t let that be where your story ends. Dig deeper, get feedback, trust the process… and may the force be with you.

CRAFT: What Star Wars Can Teach Us About Storytelling by Tom Farr, Guest Columnist

Written overview:
Guest columnist Tom Farr bestows the stagnant writer with tips to push their story to galactic proportions.



Written overview:
Hannah Straton peers into White Matter, by Janet Sternburg, who writes of the dynamics of a Jewish family, post-lobotomy



Andy Harper

Teaser quote:
But this year, she would receive two long-stemmed red roses (the most I could afford),…The inscription within the card would read simply, “Will you be my Valentine?” She wasn’t there.

Written overview:
Andy Harper recalls his first time in the friend zone, during a Valentine’s Day exchange with his 6th-grade crush.




Melissa Knackmuhs Kiefer

Teaser quote:
You weigh 214 lbs. Your bulletproof vest weighs 4 lbs. and 5 oz. Your duty belt weighs 14 lbs. and 13 oz. Some days, I want to know the weight of all the things you carry.

The Police Officer’s Wife by Melissa Knackmuhs Kiefer

Written overview:
Knackmuhs Kiefer’s words to a nameless officer in the second person, reads of a will to survive the union between two people, despite the danger.







Patricia Perry Donovan

Teaser quote:
Most children sucked their thumb. Not mine. At the first divination of stress—I swear that child could sense when her father was due home—up went her index finger, like a sailor gauging the wind’s course…It was second nature for Della, soothing herself that way.

Written overview:
Patricia Perry Donovan writes of a mother and daughter hurrying to achieve true freedom and stability in the rocky Sandias.