Struggling to Salivate: The Bare Cupboard for a sole “meatless”

I want to start off by writing, just because you’ve decided to stop devouring meat, your kitchen doesn’t (or shouldn’t) have to look like:

empty cupboard
Don’t ransack before you’ve thought carefully. Or let anyone do this. Ever.

As we continue down this revelation, you may begin to encounter this conversation flow, once the news of your betrayal for barnyard friends as food, is revealed:

“So are you all set up to go to the luncheon? I hear the food is going to be really good!”

“I bet it will! All that money ready to stretch their bands in expectation? Of course the food will be good! What’s the menu again?”

“I heard it’s some kind of pasta-“

“OOh! Pasta! Okay and what else?”

“Yeah pasta, some Cesar salad and glazed chicken.


Taken by Ivan Lanin on Flickr –

You see the small child to the right of the photo? Yeah that’s me in this sort of moment. I’m upset, disappointed and annoyed.

What about ME?! US?! I beg of you, please don’t ever turn down an opportunity to eat anything. Let’s hope the hypothetical dream killer allows a choice to be made before throwing the fork out of your tiny hands, and throwing that lovely general store napkin on the floor?

Once you begin to get used to your new lifestyle, it will be easier to do any of the following; obsessing or ditching. You’ll either get obsessed with the new fad for the conscious eater in various organic groceries, or the same meal 24/7. On the positive, you may also find it easier to be more resistant to reject certain items in your diet like kale just because it tastes funny (no really, I’ve tried).

Monotony doesn’t have to be in your veggie future. Remember what I wrote when I mentioned actually telling your family that you decided to be difficult? This is why; if you have any family member that is

  1. Understanding
  2. Can cook as though their life depended on it.

Then get to the doe-eyed sulk and start rubbing your eyes and stomach to prepare.

Cooking is a skill you need to acquire through watching said family member, or a stranger. There are many alternatives such as soy, eggs, fish/seafood, various beans and vegetables, and quinoa (yes that’s a word) to be the base for your delusions. Actually knowing what to do with any of the stuff, is the next step, and something I, and every meatless had to learn for themselves. Either when the units were away. Or when you’re on a campus that does not have very great vending options.

When I got to college, and I didn’t have a personal anything just yet, I had to get creative with the options in our cafeteria.

They had salad, pasta, sandwich (grill or deli style), soup, pizza, fries, and the main course.

Plenty is good for your body, but not for any cigar rasps. You should quit.

I got into salads, spinach especially, because you need it, and it is life. Omelettes whenever they were available, and maybe a tuna-sandwich or egg, if the omelette wasn’t an option. Then you eat as much as you want, and drink as much of the ‘good stuff’ as you want (pure juice, milk, or even better, H2O). What can I say, you’ll be hungry at this point. 

It was the eating-in-the-dorm room part, that proved a bit difficult. What if I was still hungry or missed the time for immediate bloating? This is when you begin to get resourceful at the market. You see those bunches of soup cans, minute rice pouches, or potatoes, and oh my goodness fresh vegetables?! Grab them and use them! Use all the coupons, if you don’t want to worry about greedy grubbers stealing your fresh stuff, grab a fridge or get to nonperishable as a start.

Don’t forget some creativity! You don’t have to eat the same thing every single day. Colors are great on your plate, and so is anything under 30 minutes.

I’ll write about the quick ways in the next post so hang in there and get to mooching learning.

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