Hamburgers & Honesty: It’s okay to want it

From time to time, I have a few folks ask for recommendations on what to eat or prepare for their dinners or lunch. I give my opinion even if it’s a meat item I’m familiar with. However new things such as capicola ham

I never had the luxury of this in a sandwich….By Iceman0407 on Wikipedia

I can’t help anyone with. That’s usually when the discussion about why I chose to gave up meat happens. When I think back on it, and I can see them selecting their meal choices, may it be at an amusement park, a movie theater, a carnival…

I can’t help but feel my mouth water. The desire to eat meat isn’t as strong is it was when I first became meatless, however it’s still a hidden want. To have that warm hot dog with relish and the sun beating down on my skin. A nice rib and corn on the cob. 

What I’m telling you, is that it’s okay to be honest of your desires. The more honest you are with your reasoning for quitting meat, and still wanting it, can reveal a multitude of reasons and issues going forward. Perhaps you’re not getting something out of your new diet so your body is telling you the easiest way to help it.

Don't you dare eat my brother. By wattpublishing on Flickr.
Don’t you dare eat my brother. By wattpublishing on Flickr.

Overall, if you’re honest with your choices to still desire meat, you may be able to work something out if the “totally meatless” diet isn’t for you in the end. Perhaps meat twice a week?

Happy Nomming!